Tips on using turkey fighting purrs in the spring woods.

Tyler Jordan, the crew and a nice Osceola.Me and the crew with a nice Osceola in Florida. 

The beginning of the season is the perfect time to challenge dominant gobblers. Fighting purrs will sometimes give that gobbler motivation to close the distance in order to protect his territory from another turkey. Often, a fighting purr is good to use when you have a longbeard that is henned up.

The key is knowing when to use it though. I have learned my lesson the hard way by using it when not needed and running gobblers off. But I will frequently use fighting purrs throughout the beginning of spring when turkeys are establishing their pecking order, causing them to be more aggressive with one another. There have been countless times when a bird would not quite commit, although he could see my decoys. I will use a fighting purr to challenge him to a fight.

To make the purrs with a friction call, hold the pot with your knees while using the striker to make continuous, fast-paced purrs. It will not hurt the call or the striker. At times, the fighting purr can be one of the deadliest calls there is and can get a gobbler fired up. It’s my favorite call to use during the spring when it works right. Whenever you have a bird that’s hung up or henned up and won’t come in, what do you have to lose by trying it? It’s worked for me many times.

You can make a fighting purr with a mouth call, too, but it took some time for me to learn. The best tip I have for that is to act like you are gargling water. Keep your tongue pressed against the call the entire time you are blowing air out. Hold it there as tight as you can until you get air to come out. Don’t feel like you have to be quiet with it either. Fighting turkeys are loud in real life.

I recommend saving the fighting purr as a last-resort call. Sometimes it will work and sometimes it won’t. But don’t be discouraged if it doesn’t work on the first attempt. Sooner or later you’ll be glad you tried it again.

Hope this helps some of you this spring or further down the road! Tune in to Realtree.TV every Wednesday this spring to catch the latest episode of Realtree Beards or Bust to see some weekly floppage. Go here for even more Realtree turkey hunting tips.

Shoot straight and God bless.

 — T.J.


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